Hate the game.

But not the player. I find women are becoming a trial and error process in this recent single stint I am doing. Have to say, I am having fun. Waiting for some consequences to come my way, but they have yet to catch up with me.
I find that ignoring and being mean are assets in the game. Not exactly my personality but I go with it. Hell, it gets me laid.
Also, I’m finding no straight woman is 100% straight. Which I guess I knew before. But even more now. The ones who are secure in what they want, it is just an occasional or one time thing, but sometimes you end up opening a can of worms with too many complications for the certain state of this particular soul. Some women really do take half their lives to figure out their sexual preference. It is absolutely fascinating to me. And I thought I was a late bloomer finally figuring it at around age 19.
The moral to this story is: I may not know too much about men other than what’s on the surface, but women are fucking crazy!


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