Do you ever…?

…feel like when you’re staring into the bottom of a glass, you’re also staring at what looks a lot like your future.


Hate the game.

But not the player. I find women are becoming a trial and error process in this recent single stint I am doing. Have to say, I am having fun. Waiting for some consequences to come my way, but they have yet to catch up with me.
I find that ignoring and being mean are assets in the game. Not exactly my personality but I go with it. Hell, it gets me laid.
Also, I’m finding no straight woman is 100% straight. Which I guess I knew before. But even more now. The ones who are secure in what they want, it is just an occasional or one time thing, but sometimes you end up opening a can of worms with too many complications for the certain state of this particular soul. Some women really do take half their lives to figure out their sexual preference. It is absolutely fascinating to me. And I thought I was a late bloomer finally figuring it at around age 19.
The moral to this story is: I may not know too much about men other than what’s on the surface, but women are fucking crazy!

Boy Scouts and Homosexuals

This a subject that really bothers me. Mostly because it allows CHILDREN to believe its okay to discriminate. Also because it teaches the young gay boys in boy scouts that something is the matter with them. Do they not even know what good boy scouts some lesbians would be?! There really shouldn’t be a difference in boy or girl scouts. Sexism is more alive in this society than anyone could even imagine. As a matter of fact, new studies show sexism is the underlying root of homophobia.

They vote on the policy today… make your voice heard!! You are for human rights. Gay rights are civil rights. And discrimination is not okay.

Gay people should be allowed to be scouts or scout leaders!

Woman soldiers, oh my!

What’s next? Will women be able to play football? Or is this a bad thing, putting all of the young men at risk? (This is me being sarcastic.) I am currently researching the possibility of joining the armed forces to pay for law school. That being said, I am excited that women are now allowed to be in combat. This is one step in the right direction. Women are different then men, yes. But there is nothing they can do that women can not do. I am 5 foot and 110 pounds… and I could definitely kick many men’s asses. I can lift things some men can not. To pretend we are any less than them is to insult our obviously superior intelligence. 😉


Watching a documentary about asexuals on netflix. Unbelievably, as a homosexual,  I had no idea people actually identified as asexual. I want to believe they have some repressed desire, some morbid past, or that they are gay but do not want to admit it. However, I do not want to be judgemental.
Apparently, a lot of asexuals don’t even kiss. Though, some are in relationships. Even with “sexuals.” How does that work? I’m so confused!
Can asexuals fall in love?
They identify asexual as a sexual preference, but it is hard to not hate that very idea considering their sexual preference is just “no.”  Not no preference because that is bisexual. Just a solid “no.” Could it even be considered an orientation?
Asexuals want to be recognized in the LGBT community, what do you think?

If you want to watch the documentary, it is called (A)sexual directed by Angela Tucker. It was actually really good.